Spiritual Kit

Spiritual Kit

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This spiritual kit has everything you need to start meditating, reflecting, praying, and maifesting. The kit is designed to help indivduals to grow spiritually, bring oneself into alignment, boost postive energy, repel negative energy, and to connect with your higher self. 


    The kit include the following items:

    • White Candle (3)
    • Myrrh Incense (7)
    • Healing Crystals (10)
    • Candle Holder (1)
    • Cinnamon (1)
    • Anointing Oil (1)
    • Spirtual Journey (1)
    • Gel Pen (1)
    • Prayers to use for spirtual development (5)
    • Detailed instructions on how to use all material in the kit
    • Document explaining spiritual properties of all material in the kit
    • Provide additional resources to help you stay on an enlighten path 

    This kit provide individuals with everything they need to start going within to tap into source. Plus, it provides the knowledge individuals need to know before starting an enlightened spiritual path so they are not just getting materials that they may not need. The instructions in the kit will teach people the spritual properties the items possess and the best/most effective way to use them. 


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